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President Obama’s FY13 Budget Puts More Towards the Arts

But for those of you who don’t follow budget politics, his budget is also DOA in a Republican-dominated House, where all appropriations bills start. The budget, which is the President’s blueprint for spending, is still at the mercy of congressional budget resolutions and appropriations bills in both chambers. And we know how that’s gone so far.

LA Times has a great run-down of arts funding details in the FY13 budget and stays away from discussing motivations (some have speculated that President Obama is playing to the “art world” vote, which seems a bit of a stretch to me).

Instead, we should just think of this budget as a message (arts and culture are important economic drivers), and a marker (to make money, you gotta spend money, or at least restore it). Given that boosting the economy is the number one budget message, and with the cuts many other programs and agencies took, I take the increases to arts funding as a positive sign, even if they aren’t necessarily based in reality.