The D.C. Docent

All of the Shepard Fairey, Gaia and Evol street art murals in the P Street alley next to the Whole Foods have been seriously defaced after over 3 years of remaining mostly intact.

The pieces, which were commissioned by Irvine Contemporary in 2009  as part of the Street/Studio show, were spray painted over, not by something better, or by something artistic, but basically by a bunch of BS.

I understand that all street art runs the risk of getting tagged or painted over, or altered in some way, and in the great tradition of graffiti, I accept it is often because a tagger or street artist wants to make a statement, or express a beef, or show up another artist.

Yet, I expect, that if you’re going to do any of these things, do them well, show us something new, create something that makes us think. In this case, the perpetrator (who appears to use the moniker MAZU) appears to have only been interested in destroying, not creating. Totally lame.


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    What not to do.
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    Also super not cool because they were commissioned for a show. This wasn’t just a public display of art for no reason.
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    You noted me asking if I had ever seen em anywhere else; nope. This guy looks like a total ass. Self proclaimed king? I...
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  8. lawd-knows said: agreed, but i suggest not using the term “lame” in that way, it’s hurtful
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