The D.C. Docent

America the Beautiful: Tague and DiPerna Open at Civilian Art Projects

Sometimes it feels like a smash and grab world where everything is disposable and the detritus just keeps mounting. New Orleans artist Dan Tague and DC local Frank DiPerna tackle these issues in their own unique way in two new shows opening tonight at Civilian Art Projects: Independence in the Age of Decadence and Found Images.

In his second solo show at Civilian, Dan Tague salvages America’s soul. Through his installation work he mines our desires and reappropriates some of our nation’s most recognizable images into pieces that question, and in some cases answer, our social and political realities.

Frank DiPerna, a longtime institution in the DC area and professor to countless scores of Corcoran photography students gives us scenes that are random or carefully composed, it’s hard to know. Either way, his realities are more than just their elements.

While Tague’s work seems more about what’s right in front of us, DiPerna’s appears to be more about what’s missing; a symbiotic calculation that likely drove this pairing, and which promises to make for a some deep thinking either way, if you’ll just give it some time.

Opening reception tonight from 7-9pm at Civilian Art Projects. Both shows run through October 20, 2012.