The D.C. Docent

Your Sunday Instruction: Serial Portraits at The National Gallery of Art

If you were at the NGA lately you were probably there to see the George Bellows exhibit (which I will already tell you was one of the best shows of 2012 in DC). NGA does almost everything well, and the last few photography shows I’ve seen there have been no exception (Street Photography and the Harry Callahan centennial).

The Serial Portrait: Photography and Identity in the Last One Hundred Years looks like it will be another great exhibit and the brief write-up from NGA describes it so succinctly, I’m giving to to you straight:

"Since the introduction of photography in 1839, portraiture has been one of the most widely practiced forms of the medium. Starting in the early 20th century, however, some photographers began to question whether a single image could adequately capture the complexity of an individual. Arranged both chronologically and thematically, the exhibition features 153 works by 20 artists who photographed the same subjects—primarily friends, family, and themselves–over the course of days, months, or years to create some of the most provocative and revealing portraits of the past 100 years."


Exhibit runs through December 31, in the West Building, Ground Floor, National Gallery of Art.