The D.C. Docent

Explosions at the Freer Sackler This Friday!

WHOA! Freer Sackler just announced that acclaimed Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang is detonating one of his explosion events in honor of the Freer Sackler’s 25th anniversary this coming Friday at 3pm in front of the Freer.

According to Freer “A 40-foot pine tree erupts in a shimmer of fireworks as if in a “tree lighting,” followed by a cascade of black ink-like smoke that mimics traditional Chinese brush drawings. The black tree-shaped cloud of smoke drifting through the air creates a spectral scene of two trees: one real, one imaginary.”

Watch past explosions here and if you can’t attend in-person you can watch the live-stream on the Freer’s website. I encourage you to attend if you can, as Cai is a phenomenal artist and the fact that he’s chosen to do this in D.C., on the Mall no less, is a huge coupe for the DC art scene. This is officially a big deal.

Also, Freer celebrates it’s 25th anniversary with a whole series of events that start tomorrow (Wednesday) and run through the weekend, so make sure you check their website for more details!