The D.C. Docent

Adrian Parsons, I Never Know What to Do With You

Adrian Parsons. I feel like I should devote some time getting to know you and your work, but somehow I never quite get there. I’ve heard about it for years, you do a mean AV job at The Corcoran, we know all the same people, there was that one piece (no pun intended) and the Occupy DC hunger strike, but yet, I never feel like it’s worth the try. Which is not to say that others shouldn’t…

Tonight, Transformer Gallery opens his installation “EVERYNONE” as part of its E10: Conceptual Art Exhibition which “displays every one of his discarded ideas, collected over 8 years in written notes, transcribed in full on Transformer’s walls during a 48-hour endurance installation. Questioning the commerce or carelessness of re-appropriation through producing a space-as-document, Parsons invites the public to take his concepts for themselves or delete the text through their own gesture of erasure.”

In theory this sounds mildly interesting, but in practice I have a feeling it’s still not enough to pique my interest and get me to this opening. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Opening Reception tonight, Thursday, July 11, 6pm - Friday, July 12, 6pm, Transformer Gallery, 1404 P St., NW.