It’s a 3-day pop-up bo-nan-zaaaaaa! It’s clothes, it’s art, it’s food, it’s local. Who is participating? Only some of your favorites including: Civilian Art Projects, Transformer & Heiner Contemporary.

In addition to being open for business this weekend, you can also get tickets to rock-out in the same space Saturday night with locals DJ Will Eastman, Sunwolf & The Walkmen!

Do NOT miss what should be a great artist talk today with Nikki Painter and Marissa Long whose shows are up at Civilian Art Projects but close next weekend.

I am a big fan of Nikki Painter’s going back a few years (disclaimer: I own some of her pieces) and her new work keeps pushing from 2D to 3D and to great effect. Her drawings are labyrinths are excursions into some parallel universe which feels like you’ve entered the Z axis. Neon Planar indeed. Her large-scale installation is especially transfixing.

I’m new to the work of Marissa Long, but I like what I’m seeing so far. Beauty in the eye of the beholder, but also somewhat tromp l’oueil. Her photographs comment on beauty, perception, recycling, the grotesque and consumption. These photographs dazzle and in some cases, disturb, but they are definitely all Offerings.

Also, today’s talk led by Director Jayme McLellan will also feature “special guests”….hmmmm.

Artist talk today, Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 4-6pm at Civilian Art Projects at 1019 7th St., NW, 2nd Floor.

Weekend Wallet: 3 Ways to Buy Local Art!

Heads up if you’ve been looking for a gift, a treat for yourself, or just something to enjoy but are on a budget. This weekend has a few opportunities to buy art at lower and/or reasonable prices.

The Katzen Art Center Museum Store at American University - Although the shows that were there for the last few weeks have closed, the Museum Store is open this weekend and everything is 20% off! Woohoo. Open from 11am-4pm, Saturday, August 17 and Sunday, August 18, 2013.

Civilian Art Projects - Permanent Summer, a screenprint show featuring the work of 30 artists, is mostly (but not exclusively) work culled from album covers, show posters and the like and if you show up this Saturday, August 17 there’s a free screenprinting demo at 4pm with the Corcoran’s Dennis O’Neil.

Hole in the Sky - This ersatz artist/music/party space is hosting ArtShow03 featuring 15 DC artists and their interpretations of portraiture. This is kind of like an artist bakesale except that proceeds in this case go to space improvements. DIY and featuring deliciousness from Milk Cult! Saturday, August 17 from 7-11pm.

Saturday Bonanza: Dreams, Machines, Stars, Bars, Fits and Starts


D.C. Zinefest has  it’s 3rd Annual Zinefest happening today at beloved St. Stephens Church, your favorite local DIY space and featuring independent zinemakers. I know I’m not the only one out there who has made a zine, contributed to a zine or been part of a local zine experience. I have a zine that I keep meaning to revive. I only ever made about a half-dozen issues, but man, I really enjoyed it. Zinefest runs today from 11am-5pm at 1525 Newton St., NW and encourages you to BYO Sharpies!

Join Local DC-NY artist and art do-er Jose Ruiz (Decatur Blue, Furthermore) as he talks with artist local artist Larry Cook about Cook’s show Americana at Pleasant Plains Workshop. Cook’s work focuses on African-American identity and culture. Talk starts at 3pm at 2608 Georgia Ave., NW.

Project Dispatch and Outer Space open joint venture Mint Condition which is part art, part fundraiser to produce collectible trading cards by 22 local artists. I love this, for mostly narcissistic reasons, as I made DIY trading cards for a DC band I used to manage in the late 90s as a promotional effort. Kidding! Not about the band, but why I like this; the team behind these respective projects never take themselves too seriously and make participating and viewing fun. Opens today at Outer Space from 6-9pm in the alley between Upshur and Taylor off 13th St., NW.

Erick Jackson and Bill Rock get their Artist Talk on at Civilian Art Projects tonight as both Bill Rock and Wesley Clark’s shows close tonight. If you’ve ever been to an artist talk with Erick Jackson, you know you’re in for a treat with this one, especially if you’ve visited the gallery and seen Rock’s wild work. Reception from 6-8pm, Talk at 6:30pm at 1019 7th St., NW, Second Floor.

Randall Scott Projects opened its latest show last week by Carlo Van de Roer The Portrait Machine, a photography exhibit that “explores the idea that a camera can reveal an insight into the subject’s character and their relationship with the photographer and viewer.” And it looks like he likes to do that with personalities/celebrities like Miranda July, terence Koh and the like. Check it. Artist reception and book signing tonight from 6-8pm at 1326 H St., NE.

LADYPARTS Art visual and performance art show curated by Eames Armstrong and Rex Delafkaran opens tonight at 87 Florida. The name of this show alone makes me want to go, especially with control of ladyparts being under attack lately and all. There are 7 performing artists and 7 presenting. Show starts at 8pm and runs through midnight at 87 Florida Ave., NE.

Tonight I venture into the strange hybrid space known as the showroom…a place that is staged, and by design meant to present you with a vision of the domestic perfect possible. The impact of good design can be heightened, when paired with art; the salesmanship can often work for both furniture and art (or the pieces that seem a bit of both).

These pairings don’t always end well (the way Contemporary Wing has been edged out of its space by interior design makes me sad). And sometimes an artist’s choice to hang work in design spaces, seems tacky (Eric Finzi at Vastu while Civilian Art Projects was showing him at SCOPENY).

But tonight, I put it all aside to attend ARCHER Modern to view works from local deceased painter Benjamin Abramowitz in “Undiscovered Color.” These paintings span a decade and supposedly have not been seen in 40 years. I am intrigued. Follow me on Instagram (thedcdocent) to see what’s up and decide for yourself.

Paintings up from May 29 through July 16, 2013. 1027 33rd St., NW, Opening reception tonight, Wednesday, May 29 from 6-10pm.

Kojo’s going to be talking with locals Lucien Perkins and Alec MacKaye about the new Hard Art photography book which documents the DC music scene of the late 70s and early 80s! The book is being published by Akashic Books in June 2013. Tune in!