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Eye-Candy Monday: Heather Day’s Petite Drawings Series via hillyerartspace

Canaletto and Panini Drawing Salons: Thursday and Sunday at NGA

There is a real pleasure in drawing in a museum setting. Especially in a gallery as charming as the East Garden Court in the National Gallery of Art. This month’s salons focus on the Italian landscape, which "inclines even the most stolid to romance."

Thursday, April 11th and Sunday from 1-3pm. Space is limited to 35 participants on a first-come, first-served basis with sign-in beginning at 12:30 p.m. and continuing until all spaces are filled. All drawing materials provided.

Saturday Night Pick: All Things American University

I’ve kind of been secretly crushing on AU arts lately: teachers, alumni, MFAs, and now openings. Tonight AU and the Katzen Center have multiple happenings conveniently located in one walkable area. I’ll likely be in photoposting mode tonight if you want to follow on Instagram, but given the heady intellectual stuff I expect to encounter, I may get too lost in my own brain to actually get to the photos…

Gallery Talk w/ Grisha Bruskin (5-6pm) - Russian Jewish artist Bruskin has a long history of work that is political, enlightening, and always informed by the Soviet-legacy in which he was raised and his relationship with “the state.” Hear him discuss “how depiction can become a means and instrument for manipulating human consciousness.”

Gallery Talk w/ Andrei Molodkin (6-7pm) - Black Gold and Texas Tea, aka oil, form the inspiration for CRUDE, new drawings and 3-D structures by Russian artist Molodkin. Hear him discuss how his works seek to change the dynamics of viewer and participant.

Artist Openings and Reception - (6-9pm) - Grisha Bruskin, Andrei Molodkin, Andrea Way and Hamiltonian’s Fellows all open up the first exhibits of 2013 at the Katzen Center. Moving between “myths of the enemy” made sculptural (Bruskin), the tension between order and chaos manifest through painting (Way), geopolitical black holes (Molodkin) and obstructions as critiques (Hamiltonian Fellows after Lars Von Trier) is going to make for an intense and intellectual night for certain…better bring your A-game!

MFA Open Studio (7-9pm) - I love studio visits with artists; it’s like encountering the wild animal in its habitat. Often enough, it’s a great way to discover how an artist’s work develops and how their choices change and the thus how and when the work changes. AU has had a consistently good groups of MFAs in the last several years, so I’m excited to visit and see what they’re up to.